Our outdoor and on-site authentic cooking production or drop off service for you is what we do! We are San Diego’s original Paella catering company with over 2,200 parties and events serviced lifetime. The vibes we bring are professional & passion for Paella is our promise.

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Covid and post-Covid really tested us as a small business and things have changed over the last 14 years. More relaxed parties and celebrations for gatherings of up to 250 people is now our market . We are forever grateful for the hard work and dedication we've put in to serve San Diego as we continue to move forward in a more intimate dynamic. With my family in Spain and having been there over 10 times in my life, I can assure you our Paella is still more authentic than ever!

– Augie / Owner and Operator


Outdoor on-site cooking production:

Paella Tradicional

Chicken, Mussels, Clams, Shrimp and Scallops

$26.00 per serving

Paella del Rancho
meat only

Chicken, Chicken Sausage and Mushrooms

$25.00 per serving

(Basque and Catalonian pork sausage is available too)

Paella Vegetariana

Zucchini, Asparagus, Red Potatoes, Mushrooms, and Broccoli

$23.00 per serving

Have a favorite veggie? We might be able to add it.

Paella Personalizada

choose your own ingredients:

Lobster Tails | Shrimp | Crab Meat, Mussels, Scallops, Clams, New York Steak pieces, Chicken, Chicken Sausage, Mushrooms, Zucchini, Asparagus, Red Potatoes, Broccoli

Inquire for Pricing

*Depending on availability, minimum servings may vary. Typically a minimum of 40 people is required for on-site cooking and 20 minimum servings for delivery. Please inquire as some waivers may be made depending on the date.

*250 servings is our maximum cooking capacity.

*Tax not included

All Paella prices INCLUDE a Mediterranean Salad. The ingredients are Spring mix lettuce, Feta cheese, sliced almonds, and Champagne dressing served with French bread.

Want to upgrade or modify your salad? We have seasonal fruits, nuts and vegetables as options too. Inquire for upgrade prices.

Drop off menu pricing

Delivered in aluminum chafing pans for guests to serve themselves.

Mediterranean salad and French bread included with all orders.

10-29 servings: $21.00 per serving
30-49 servings: $19.75 per serving
50-69 servings: $19.25 per serving
70 servings or more: $18.95 per serving

*All three types of Paella are available for each quantity ordered.
*Taxes not included. Some delivery fees may apply depending on location of drop off




Garlic dough stuffed with your choice of seasoned chicken, chorizo or minced vegetables

50 pieces = $110

Spanish Meatballs

Stuffed with manchego cheese and topped with a sauteed mushroom

50 pieces = $110

Dátil con Queso

Dates stuffed with Manchego cheese and wrapped in bacon

50 pieces = $110


Pork ribs slowly cooked and braised, topped
with a sofrito infused saffron sauce.

50 pieces = $110

Our Story

San Diego Paella was born naturally as Augie saw a fit in the catering market almost 14 years ago. Being a San Diego native and watching his father and his father's friend cook paella in his younger years (over 35 years ago), it touched him to see people come together and enjoy a communal dish at such a young age. This day of globalization has made international cuisine critical and we've stood the test of time with authentic paella and an original recipe. Watching people celebrate in San Diego and Southern California has been a true pleasure. We're here to be of service and work diligently to make your event memorable. We've coined ourselves as the "one-trick pony", and that is the humble art of trying to master Paella!

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Does San Diego Paella cook all Paellas on-site?

Yes, all Paellas are made fresh, outdoors and on-site at your location! We will also gladly deliver our award-winning Paella to your home or office.

How long does it take to cook your Paella?

It’s a fun process! The actual cooking production is about 1.5 hours, so plan on us arriving about 2 hours ahead of your anticipated serving time to begin set up.

Is it “Spicy”?

Not at all. Its delicious Spanish flavors are aromatic, appetizing and neutral for ALL to enjoy, with hints of Mediterranean savor. Hey, but being in Southern California, if you want to put a bottle of hot sauce on your own table, we won’t tell anyone.

How are the Paellas served?

After it's done cooking, they are served buffet style by a smiling chef. Each guest is served right out of the Paella pan the chef cooked in, so it’s nice and hot. After the last plate is served, all Paella leftovers are put in a serving dish for guests to help themselves or for your yummy leftovers to enjoy the following day.

Is gratuity added to the bill?

Our chefs love educating your guests and having fun with them. They’ll talk Paella, its origins, our process, heck even take pictures with them all while enjoying their company, working diligently to ensure your dish comes out PERFECT! Gratuity for him or her is left to your desire.

How much notice time do I need to give San Diego Paella to reserve an available date?

The sooner, the better, we get BUSY. We appreciate at least a 4-6 week notice, but you never know, we’ve serviced parties with last-minute inquiries as well.

Is a deposit required to reserve a date?

To ensure proper and detailed scheduling, a 25% deposit with a secured credit card or Venmo is required and applied to the final bill to reserve your date.

Is there a minimum number of people needed for a reservation?

It usually depends on our availability and time of year. Different factors come into play, such as the day of the week and our demand. Just like any other hospitality business, we will do our best to always have it make economic sense.

Is your Paella gluten free?

We get this question frequently. YES, OURS IS GLUTEN FREE! Tasty, aromatic and no need to worry about gluten. We do not use butter or nuts in our Paella recipe either and our Vegetarian Paella is considered Vegan as we use tomato bouillon for its seasoning.

How much outdoor space do you need?

Not a whole lot! For parties with one cooking station and up to 100 people, usually an 8’ by 8’ area will suffice. For parties that require second and third cooking stations, 12’ by 12’ is the standard and may need more or less space depending on the layout. No electricity access is needed.

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