Wow, this weather is spectacular! Spring time is around the corner and that makes us think of the rich fruits of Sangria. We are willing to give out our special and secret Sangria recipe so you can make your own version and have your party be even more of a hit!


The month of Amor! As a gift to you we will be giving a bottle of Tempranillo wine to all our clients who order between February 1st - February 14th.


Happy New Year amigos! In Spain the Three Kings are celebrated on January 6th. As a token to this, all orders will get an order of Manchego cheese with their Paella.


Merry Christmas Amigos! In celebration of Christmas, San Diego Paella will donate proceeds to the needy! We hope everyone enjoys their holiday seasons and looks forward to 2012!


We've been honored to cater our specialty Paellas for many Pre-Thanksgiving festivities. It's a great time for friends and family to get the holidays rolling. Let us know what type of Paella you would like for your party :).


Paella is also a warm comfort food. Through the month of October you will also get an order of Empanadas! Call or email us today! September

Fall time is approaching and the comforts of Paella make for great wine pairings and tastings. Vino should be your first choice for a Fall beverage. You supply your vino, we supply the best Paella west of Spain. Call us today so we can make your party or event a hit!.


Fall time is approaching and we look forward to cooking at more homes, venues and other places. A trip to Spain soon to make sure our Paellas will stand the test against ANY Paella cooked should be happening soon as well!.


4th of July parties were fun! Summer has been such a wonderful time. We also celebrated with some satisified customers in Orange County and even got calls from San Francisco. We are excited to continue with our tradition of offering the best Paella in California.


We had over 15 parties catered and celebrated everything from going away parties, house warming parties, weddings and birthdays! Gracias amigos...