Our original, on-site cooking productions are made fresh at your home or venue. As aromas of Spanish flavors and saffron fill the air, your guests will be delighted with an awesome culinary experience. Clients repeatedly confirm that our authenticity is reputable. Our professional chefs and staff serve with pride and passion. Our Paella catering services in San Diego and Southern California entertain intimate parties, or events for up to 600 people.


The value, quality and tastiness of San Diego Paella is unmatched in San Diego and I look forward to many events in the future and many happy clients!! Seriously, the classic seafood paella is amazing and 2 years later my boyfriend is still talking about the potato sausage paella too. We are constantly looking for occasions to hire David and his team. My mouth is actually beginning to water! Erin D. (Event planner)


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The owner has visited Spain 10 different times. His Father’s entire side of the family resides in San Sebastian, the Basque Country of Northern Spain. Though Paella hails from Southern Spain, he and his catering group aim to constantly master Paella with custom made equipment in a Basque version of cooking that is "slow and low".


“California is rooted with Spanish history and influence, so Paella fits well in its culture. We’ve been cooking it as a family for almost 30 years and continue to admire the delicacy and direction that it requires to try and perfect Paella. It’s been great to see the popularity of Paella grow over the last few years with our originality leading the way. We forever respect creating a quality dish and  admire its craft.”

- Augie Owner




It's time to celebrate! Have fun and enjoy your home or venue with friends and family. Let San Diego Paella bring "Amigos Celebrando" as an affordable way to entertain with your friends.



Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. San Diego Paella believes in creating lasting impressions and working at 110% to make sure your guests are catered with extraordinary food. We can assist with event rentals and staff. We are also partnered with awesome coordinators and other wedding services ready to assist. Let us go to work for you so you can relax, plan and enjoy your day with our "Amor y Memorias" package.

Corporate Functions

Employee appreciation is needed more than ever. We're here to assist you in giving that special lunch or dinner to your staff or company. Ask about our "Semana Feliz" package and end the work week with a positive vibe and help productivity.


Q: Does San Diego Paella cook all Paellas on-site?


A: Yes, all Paellas are made fresh, outdoors and on-site at your location! We will also gladly deliver our award winning Paella to your home or office.


Q: How long does it take to cook your Paella?


A: It’s a fun process! The actual cooking production is about 1.5 hours, so plan on us arriving about 2.5 hours ahead of your anticipated serving time to begin set up.


Q: Is it “Spicy”?


A: Not at all. Its delicious Spanish flavors are aromatic, appetizing and neutral for ALL to enjoy, with hints of Mediterranean savor. Hey, but being in Southern California, if you want to put a bottle of hot sauce on your own table, we won’t tell anyone.


Q: How are the Paellas served?


A: They are served buffet style by a smiling chef! Each guest is served right out of the Paella pan the chef cooked in, so it’s nice and hot. After the last plate is served, all Paella leftovers are put in a serving dish for guests to help themselves or for your yummy leftovers to enjoy the following day.


Q: Does San Diego Paella bring all the cooking equipment?


A: Our clients LOVE that we are self-contained. We provide our cooking and serving equipment. We bring tables for the cooking station, they are draped with black linen. We do not need electricity access and really only need a kitchen to wash our hands, how about that?!


Q: Does your price include plates and utensils?


A: Formal or casual, stilettos to flip flops,  we let you pick your own plates and utensils. A 9”-11” plate serves well for the Paella, Mediterranean salad and French bread. Whether it’s a paper, plastic or ceramic or china, please make sure it’s on the thicker side, because our Paella serves HOT!


Q: Is gratuity added to the bill?


A: Our chefs love educating your guests and having fun with them.  They’ll talk Paella, its origins, our process, heck even take pictures with them all while enjoying their company, working diligently to  ensure your dish comes out PERFECT! Gratuity for him or her is left at your desire.


Q: How much time notice do I need to give San Diego Paella to reserve an available date?


A: The sooner, the better, we get BUSY. We appreciate at least a 4-6 week notice, but you never know, we’ve serviced parties with last minute inquiries as well.


Q: Is a deposit required to reserve a date?


A: To ensure proper and detailed scheduling, a 20% non-refundable deposit with a secured credit card process is required and applied to the final bill to reserve your date.


Q: What other services do you provide?


A: We have staff members that smile, service and satisfy and can assist with set up, tray passing, drink pouring, bussing and clean up. They’re dressed in all black with a tie optional and ready for action. Event planning is on the rise, if your function is more detailed or formal, we have a few event coordinators we can refer or if you just need to pick our brain for some DIY planning, we’re here for you.


Q: What other areas do you service?


A: Besides the best city in the world, SAN DIEGO?!, we will gladly travel. We service our awesome neighbors to the north with Orange County Paella services and Los Angeles Paella catering services too.

Paella is becoming more and more popular as a festive, gourmet and colorful dish. It originated in a coastal town of Southern Spain over 200 years ago. It is traditionally known as a rice dish with shellfish cooked in olive oil, saffron, tomatoes, onions and other great seasonings. Now throughout Spain it is becoming progressive to also put in a variety of ingredients to the host's or chef's liking. As long as the saffron, olive oil, rice and artistry is felt, Paella is left to the imagination.



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